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Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm in Love

I'm in love. That's right everyone, I have fallen hard. And it's for two men.

A dear friend of mine wrote a little trilogy of books, and I've been very negligent by not reading them. Well, I've set that wrong right. Last week, I picked up the first book and read it over the weekend. I'm now enjoying book 2, but I'll write about that once I've finished it.

I feel the need to talk about this book. The Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy. You might think... a love triangle? Vampires? Haven't I read that a million times before? Well, the answer would be NO! This is so far beyond anything I've ever read. Yes, there is supernatural aspects to this story but it's so much more than that. The characters are relatable and LIKEABLE and there is a story beyond the romance! 

The story grabbed me from the very first page when Lily Hunt sees a ghost. Interesting. I hadn't been expecting that. And then Christian came into the story. Did you all feel me swoon just typing his name? Seriously, this guy has invaded my dreams for the past few nights. Tall, strong, handsome... oh, and I did I mention the British accent? Christian is my perfect man. He's protective, romantic and totally into Lily. What more could a girl ask for right? How about a brooding bad boy named William. 

That's right, this book has two men vying for Lily's heart. Two men who have a history of hating each other, and when you throw Lily into the mix, it's all kinds of fun to see them battle it out. Lily's heart isn't as free as the men think though, she's mysteriously drawn to William despite some unfavourable characteristics. Lily tries her best to hate William, she really wants to side with Christian, but there's something kind about the bad boy. And she can't keep away from him for long.

Underneath the love triangle is a brilliantly plotted story of mystical gifts, legends and an evil enemy who has already caused tragedy in Christian's life. The side characters are funny, three-dimensional and make the story whole. DeLucy builds a whole world and you get sucked in from the first page. This is a book you will not want to put down.

And also, this book isn't about teenagers... these are adults and the content is appropriately adult... if you get my meaning. And the man in question (don't want to post spoilers) is dynamite in the sack!

Please don't think you've read something like before. It's completely unique and worth every second you spend with your nose buried inside. And even better news? The trilogy is complete so there's no months of waiting for the next book.

Now, for the best news... Christian and William are both on Twitter. Yes, you read that right. They tweet very seductive, romantic tweets and they love fighting it out over their followers. Tweeting with these boys while reading the books has made the characters so much more real to me and I've gotten to know their personalities better than I could have just from the books. I'm a bit reluctant to share their Twitter names as I want to keep them all to myself... but, because I love you all so much, I'll share. Just remember, they are mine! But, feel free to play with them, I promise you'll enjoy it!

Now, how do you get your hands on these fine specimens of man? 

Follow @Jen_DeLucy on Twitter and buy her books at Amazon.

Please read these books. I'm desperate for people to chat about them with. And I'd love to know if you're Team William or Team Christian. I was so torn in the books. And I still am. I keep tweeting with them boys and thinking that I love one more than the other... and then the other will tweet me something that makes me swoon and I'm stuck in the middle again. But, just a little warning, these guys aren't into the threesome thing... I've asked.

5 stars! I can't remember I book that I was so consumed by since reading The Infernal Devices.

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