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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Launch of New Website

I have some exciting news... I've decided to create a writing tips website. It's still just in it's infancy at the moment but I'll keep adding to it and writing blogs as I discover important information that I think could benefit others. This is a new thing for me as I never thought I would know enough to write posts about writing tips but I've done A LOT of research over the past few years and I think I know some useful tips. I don't claim to know everything but hopefully people will pick up one or two new things that they didn't know before. I'm launching it today and all of you, as my dedicated readers, will be the first to see it. Please click on the link below to go to the website and check it out. I'd love some feedback or if you have questions you'd like me to post about - please contact me. Contact details are on the website.

Now, onto other matters. I haven't given you an update on ME for a little while so I thought it was about time. I'm still writing hard. I'm close to finished book three in my YA series and I'm getting so many ideas for new books. I have to keep notebooks full of ideas so I don't forget anything. I've had a big few weeks updating all the technology in my life. I'm now driving a shiny new car and playing with an iPhone 5. Yesterday I bought Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

Has anyone else read it yet or do you plan to? I won't post any teasers but let me just say that I read the first half of the book last night and then spent an hour crying myself to sleep. I brought the book with me to work and read two chapters on my lunch break and I'm itching to finish it tonight. The events that are happening, I had guessed but hoped that I was wrong. It turns out that I was right and it is breaking my heart. Fantastic writing is when you get completely sucked into the world and the characters become real to you, well, that has happened to me with this book. I was flicking the pages and saw the disclaimer that says "This is a work of fiction etc." and I was like... 'Wait, what?' hahahahaha Well played, Cassie Clare. I can't say that I'm loving the book because it is breaking my heart but I'm loving to hate it and I think that's just as good!!

On to less sad updates, The Host movie comes out next week and I'm so excited. I can't wait to see it. I read the book for the third time last month and it renewed my love for the story. I will be at a midnight screening. Please, if you see the movie, come back here and tell me what you thought! I'd love to discuss it with you.

Let's chat again soon!!

H xx


  1. Congratulations on the new site!

  2. The new site sounds great! Isn't it awesome how much we learn through publishing, editing, writing, and reading?

    I read The Host and enjoyed it but I didn't LOVE it. Not sure if I'll see the movie. Haven't read Cassandra Clare yet.