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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Birthday!!


Can you believe it's my birthday this Friday? I can't!! It feels like it was just yesterday when I was doing my Birthday Blog Extravaganza and it's already a year later! I don't have huge plans for my birthday this year - it's not a milestone age so I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. I'll probably have a quiet dinner with some close friends.

Last time I posted, I promised you that I would give you the low down on the Tropical Writer's Festival that I went to two weeks ago. So, as promised, here it is -

This was a three day festival that I only found out about a few days before it was due to happen. Luckily I was surfing the web for writing workshops and conferences and I stumbled across this. Many of the workshops had already sold out but I was lucky to snag a ticket to the Romance Novel Writing workshop and the Fast Fiction Writing workshop.

The Romance Novel Writing workshop was hosted by best selling author Barbara Hannay and she was extremely inspirational. Her discussions about the romance genre had dozens of new story concepts floating in my head and I went straight home after this workshop to write them all down before I forgot them.

The Fast Fiction Workshop was great. It was just what I needed to kick start me into writing again. I'd become a bit lax and this was a mini NaNoWriMo that reminded me about writing without editing. It's honestly the best way for me to write and I had started to get bogged down in rewriting again.

There was also a book stall there and you know that I treated myself to a few little presents *wink*

As a birthday present to myself, I'm attending GenreCon in Sydney next month. I'm so excited about this!!

H xx

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  1. Happy birthday for Friday! Mine is Saturday.