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Thursday, October 11, 2012


I had a GREAT birthday!! Thanks to everyone who sent me messages on Facebook and Twitter. I felt very loved. As well as having wonderful family and friends, my birthday was made EXTRA special by an email I received the day before.

I opened up my Gmail inbox on Thursday morning and almost fell out of my chair. There was an email from one of the BIG SIX publishers. With shaking hands, I opened the message and read. Now, I know what you're all thinking - "The big six don't take submissions without an agent!". Well, usually that is true but I just happened to see that this particular publisher (I don't want to jinx it by naming names but be sure I'll make an announcement when I find out more) was having an open submission. So, I thought, What the hell?-  and sent in a query. The email was saying they loved what they'd seen and requested a FULL manuscript.

I was so excited and shocked that I couldn't do anything. I literally just sat staring at my screen for ages because my mind had overloaded. Of course, I sent my manuscript off as requested and now I play the waiting game.

I hope you're all keeping your fingers crossed for me! I really want you all to be able to read The Walker Series and this is just one step closer!!

A few weeks ago I ordered the 2013 edition of Guide to Literary Agents. It arrived in the mail yesterday and at first I thought I may have wasted my purchase but then I was more rational. Requesting to read the manuscript doesn't mean they actually want to publish my book - they may still reject it and then I'll have to start again with submissions. Also, even if they do want to publish it, it's probably still a good idea to have an agent to negotiate the contract for me. So, now I'm going to comb through this book and leach every bit of information out of it that I can!

If any literary agents are reading this and are interested in representing me, please email me at:

While I'm talking about books, a few weeks ago I was thinking about a trilogy of books I read as a teenager that really inspired me, and in a way they inspired the whole Walker Series. Have any of you read the Fear Street Trilogy by R. L. Stine? I read these three books when I was in grade eight and they consumed me. It was the first series I'd read that dealt with witches and different generations of a family. I was fascinated to see how the children and grandchildren interacted without knowing that their grandparents had all known each other too. This idea stuck with me through my adulthood and while the Walker Series isn't anything like these books, I think my fascination with time and magic started with them. So, I dug through second hand book stores looking for them but couldn't find them anywhere so I went to old, trusty eBay and managed to buy all three books. I read them last weekend and while the story was much simpler than I remembered (as a child I thought it was so complex and intricate to have so many generations of the families) it was so special to read them again and be taken back to that place I was in fifteen years ago.

To finish off, many of you know that for my day job, I'm a mental health social worker and this week is International Mental Health Week so I just wanted to wish you all good mental health and well being. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it and please be kind to each other.

H xxx


  1. Happy birthday! Congratulations! Good luck! I think that will cover it. ;) inquiring mind wants to there a chance for a sequel to Pieces of Us? I read that book months ago and can't get it out of my head. I loved those characters and the story line. The ending had me wanting to see where they go next. *begs for sequel on knees*

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thank so much! I'm glad you love Pieces of Us and I can relate to the characters being stuck in your head - that's how I was the whole time I was writing it. I don't have any immediate plans to write a sequel because the story was always about whether or not they could get back together. Once that was decided (no spoilers here lol) then the story finished. But, in saying that, I do have a few ideas of what happened after the end of the book so you never know. I'm currently writing a YA series, but if Charlotte starts nagging in my ear again... a sequel could happen.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day!!


  2. Congrats, Hannah! I thought it might be something like this when you posted about it. That's so awesome! Best of luck! I hope they decide to publish your book cause I really wanna read it. :] Have you found that book [the literary agents one] very helpful yet? I've always wanted to check one out just to see what they have in there but I haven't done that yet. Just stay positive! You can do it! I remember reading R.L. Stine books when I was younger but not that series. I'll have to check it out! <3

    1. Hi Kristen!!

      Thanks for the luck - I need it :)

      The agents book has some useful tips in it and the list of agents all being in one book is very convenient but if I'm being honest, I already knew a lot of the information from the extensive research I've done on-line over the past few months. Still, for someone who hadn't done hours of research, it would be a goldmine.
      Hope you are well!

  3. Congrats on your good news! I'm hoping we hear more great news from you! I've read some of R.L. Stine's books (just not the three you mentioned.) They are great, and my son used to enjoy them.