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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet My Characters

Thanks to all the people who tweeted me ideas for my blog. Today I'm going to answer one of those queries who asked about the characters of my new series. I keep talking about The Time Walker but I haven't really told you all much about it so I thought it might be fun to do some character profiles of the three main characters. So, without further ado I'd like to introduce you to the people that I've been spending all my spare time with: Holly Collison, Liam Hardy and Daniel Middleton.

Holly Collison -

Age - 16
Hair - Long, curly, dark brown
Eyes - Blue
Nationality - American. Lives in New York City.
Personality - Holly is an only child whose parents died when she was a baby. She was brought up by her grandmother and has developed strong survival instincts and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is a junior in high school and discovers that she is a witch with the power to time travel.
Dream Cast Actor - I looked for a long time at pictures of brunette actresses and none of them were quite right. A while ago I joked to my friend Caitlin that she looked exactly like how I would picture Holly to be so I'm going to have to go with my good friend, Caitlin.

On a little side note, it's quite a coincidence, but it just happens to be Caitlin's 21st birthday today. Happy birthday, Caitlin!!! We're going to have so much fun at your party on Saturday!

Liam Hardy -

Age - 18
Hair - Brown and messy
Eyes - Green
Nationality - American.
Personality - Liam is a time traveller who teaches Holly how to use her power. He's sarcastic and moody but has a good heart. He is Holly's major love interest.
Dream Cast Actor - When I first created Liam's character, there was only one actor in my mind and he has stayed the only Liam for me. The very handsome Jackson Rathbone.

Daniel Middleton -

Age - 17
Hair - Blonde
Eyes - Blue
Nationality - English
Personality - Daniel is old fashioned (he lives in the 1860s) and very proper. He has the ability to read minds and quickly falls in love with Holly. He is a sweet, fun person for Holly to spend time with and he is a source of Liam's annoyance.
Dream Cast Actor - I looked through a lot of actors and none of them were quite right. Alex Pettyfer was the closest I could find to what is in my head, so he'll have to be close enough. Plus, he already has the British accent!

So, now you've met my 3 lead characters. I think next week, I'll post a snippet from the manuscript. Perhaps in the comments below (or on twitter) you can tell me which character you'd like to see featured in the snippet.

I hope you are all well and I look forward to speaking with you again next week.

H xx


  1. I love Holly's background and Caitlin's photo. Happy Birthday Caitlin! Don't drink too much. :-)

  2. Thanks, Jen. The drinking age in Australia is 18 so I'm sure she won't be out of control at the party. Drinking is old news by 21 here hahaha