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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jen DeLucy Interview

Hello friends,

I have something very exciting for you today. My dear friend and fellow author, Jennifer DeLucy, has answered some questions about her writing. If you haven't read her book, The Light Series, then you should run out and get them right now because the final book in the trilogy is being released in a few weeks and you don't want to miss it! I'm reading this series right now!! Read along with me! Now, for the interview...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for joining me on my blog today.

You're welcome times a thousand! Thanks for having me. :)

For those people who aren't familiar with your books, The Light Series, can you tell us a little about them and the upcoming release of the final book in the trilogy?

The Light Series Trilogy is a funny little paranormal series about people with gifted souls who see and know things about life/the afterlife that other folks haven't quite caught onto yet. The books center around two love stories and the plot line is very "full circle, destiny" oriented. I love to write flawed but lovable characters and lots of interactions. I really just want to inspire passion and hope in people for life when they read these books.

And you're a musician as well. Talk about talented! Can you tell us about the style of music you write/play/sing?

Thank you! Well, the style depends on the need, but, when I sing, it tends toward Indie/folk/bluegrass, while my instrumental stuff is more movie score composition. Again, if it's moving and appropriate for the need, I go with it. I love writing original songs for books/book trailers. I did that with my own books for their trailers, actually.

Where can people listen to your music?

My reverbnation page has a good selection:!/jenniferdelucy

I bought your Christmas CD last year and I have to say, you have a beautiful voice. There are so many talent TV shows around now... have you ever thought of showcasing yourself a show like The Voice or X-Factor?

Again, thank you! And I auditioned for America's Got Talent once. It didn't work out so well once I realized how manipulated things are and how shows like that are looking for people to divulge their dirty laundry on TV, but it was a fun/scary growing experience, nonetheless.

Do you feel the same creative expression from writing novels as you do from creating music?

Yes! Absolutely. In fact, writing a song is a lot like writing a very short book. I'd say the main difference between the two, though, is the utter expressive vulnerability you must have to sing to people or to compose instrumentally (which is, in my opinion, pretty much putting your emotions to sound.) The only reason I have the guts to do it is because I feel things so deeply and can't really help it. Plus, it's an incredibly satisfying feeling to release a song into the world, like you've gotten something off your chest.

With The Light Series coming to an end, what's next for you and your writing? Any new projects in development?

I'm working on a CD right now, and I had three or four writing projects going on simultaneously while I tried to figure out which called to me most. Nothing has grabbed me like the Light Series yet, but when it does, I'll ride the wave.

Do you have any advice for singer/songwriters or hopeful authors on how to break into the market?
Considering that I'm just starting out in the music scene, trying to really honor and share my own style, as well, I'd ask the same thing! lol. But honestly, I'd assume it's like novel writing. I'd say to know your own unique voice, constantly keep creating, creating, creating in order to improve your skill, which is vital, and then release those expressions into the world as often as possible. Know, honor, and be true to what you love to write/sing/compose and find an audience who can appreciate the best of who you are. Be smart and open-minded about marketing to those who would honestly enjoy your work. You can't make yourself something you're not, so master what you are, instead, and relentlessly work on that. You'll find the most success inwardly and outwardly when you know your own gifts and the best audience for them.

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Jen a little better and that some of you will look her up and read her books/buy her music. Keep a eye on this lady because I think she's going places!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll all come back next week because I'll be doing a write up of the Tropical Writer's Festival that I attended last weekend as well as giving you an update on my search for an agent.

Have a great week, everyone!!

H xx

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