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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Angels and Fads

I've been reading a lot of books about Angels lately. I guess that's what is popular at the moment. For those following my What Hannah is Reading page you will see the Fallen Series, the Hush Hush series, The Infernal Devices Series etc, all about Angels.

Angels are something that I would traditionally associate with religion and God.

But, these books all seem to focus on the dark side of Angels, the fallen or evil angels who were sent out of Heaven. So, I'm wondering what it is that draws me to these books? Is it just that I enjoy a good love story and the plots in these books is strong... or is it something about a supposed good guy, gone bad, finding his goodness again? I know that I am a sucker for bad boys (sorry, Mum, but it's true) so maybe I am drawn to the excitement of a rouge character who is going against his nature?

When I do a Google Images search for Angels, I come with pictures like this -

Not my traditional pictureof what an Angel is. So, the question I am asking is... Is there more to this Angel Fad than meets the eyes? Is it a modern kick at religion? Are Angels interesting to read because there is so much mythology about them in our history? Or, is it simply the storyline of the book that we love and the fact that Angels are characters is a side point? Personally, I think it's a little of each of them.

I am fascinated by the Angel myths and considered writing my series about Angels but didn't want to try and break into an already saturated market (hence my change to time travelling witches for my new novel).

What ever the reason, I love these books about Angels. I can recommend the series I mentioned above as excellently written stories with strong plots and lovable characters. I will admit to having literary crushes on Patch, Will and especially Jem. And it makes me curious, we've had a vampire phenomenon which branched out into werewolves as well and we have now moved on to Angels. What is next?? For my own sake, I'm going to say that I hope it's Time Traveling Witches haha!

H xx


  1. Oh, I'm sure it's going to be time traveling witched - you can start it!

    Fads are really interesting - it's like how certain baby names will become suddenly popular. Inexplicable, communal thought. I've only just finished the first draft of my---dun dun duuun---Angel story, but I the skeleton of it has been in my head for, oh, four years I'd say, so somehow I got swept up in that communal thought. I'd say my story's more about exploring human spirituality than anything else, though.

    Hey - found you without the hop linky. ;)

    1. Hey Nicki,

      Exactly! Baby names are another great example. I'm so fascinated by the idea of mass communal thought hahaha
      I LOVE Angel books so I can't wait to read yours!!