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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pre-readers; Worth their weight in gold!

As most of you know, I'm working on a new book series (details on the "WALKER SERIES" tab at the top of this page) and last week I finished the draft of book one in the series and got started on book two. It's a very exciting time and I am absolutely loving getting to know these characters and watching the story unfold. But as an author, you never really know if your vision is as clear on paper as it is in your mind.

So, I have a group of wonderful ladies who I trust, and they read my draft manuscript and give feedback. I get back notes on what is working really well, which characters they like and which characters are reading as annoying or unlikable, if there are any holes in the plot or if something just is not working at all. Honesty is vital in this process and it is important to have people who can say, "This sucks." There is no room for ego stroking or kindness in the world of editing because agents and publishers want the best result, as do I.

I'm so lucky that I have a group of people that love reading, know what makes a good book and have offered their time to me. I sent out the draft manuscript last week and am already getting feedback from some of them and it's so helpful - you have no idea! I had been writing one of the male leads and thought that he was charming and sweet, only to be told that he comes across as a bit pushy. THAT IS SO VALUABLE! Now, I know that I need to dial him back a bit and make him a bit less intense. I can't rely on my own instinct because I know how I want the characters to be perceived but that's not always how they come across.

So, I'm dedicating this blog post to the 8 amazing pre-readers I have and taking this opportunity to give them all a huge THANK YOU!!! With your help, these books will become so much richer and more enjoyable to read than they would have been if I'd tried to do it all on my own.


  1. That is wonderful, Hannah! Pre-readers are invaluable.

  2. I can't wait for this series to come. Loved your first book and your sister told me that this one was good too.