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Sunday, January 15, 2012



The phrase above will be screamed with pride all over Australia and by Australians all over the world today. Why? Because it's AUSTRALIA DAY! As a people, Australians tend not to be the most patriotic... except for today. I am going to share my love of the Australian culture with you all and declare to the world that I am PROUD to be Australian! First, let's all stand and listen to the Australian National Anthem...

Like most Australians, I only know the first verse of the anthem but as I said earlier, we aren't usually a patriotic bunch. This national holiday is similar to the 4th of July in the USA... it's the day we celebrate our nation and show our pride. There will be thousands of barbecues happening and millions of people draped in the Australian flag, painted in the national colours and celebrating with an ice cold beer.

I thought I would also share a song with you that we sang in school. It's about being Australian...

My Australia Day will be filled with good friends, yummy food and hopefully, lots of laughter. I'm having about 20 friends over to my house for a barbecue and to swim in my pool. If I get any good photos, I might post some for you next week!


The Time Walker is still with my pre-readers. Several of them have finished and their feedback has been invaluable! I have a list of edits and even some new scenes that I want to add in to make the story richer. Also, a friend of a friend used to be an editor and she has offered to look over the manuscript when I've finished my edits and give me some feedback - it's all about who you know!!

In other writing related news, the Australian Romance Reviews website invited me to do a guest post on their blog about my debut novel, Pieces of Us. You can read my post on the link -

To end this post, I thought I would list a few funny ways that you can tell if you are Australian. If you are not Australian, you may not understand a few of them, but feel free to ask in the comments and I will explain!!

You Know You're Australian When...

1.     You know how to abbreviate every word, all of which usually end in -o: arvo, combo, garbo, metho, milko, muso, rego, servo, smoko, speedo, etc.

2.     You know that backyard cricket is a nice way to bond with family and the rubbish bin. There’s no lbw in backyard cricket, and over the fence is out. And the ‘one bounce, one hand’ rule always applies.

3.     You feel obliged to spread salty black stuff that looks like congealed motor oil on bread… and actually grow to like it. You’ve also squeezed Vegemite through Vita Wheats to make little Vegemite worms.

4.     You've had an argument with your mate over whether Ford or Holden makes the better car!

5.     You understand that the phrase “a group of women wearing black thongs” refers to footwear and may be less alluring than it sounds.

6.     You can translate: “Dazza and Shazza played Acca Dacca on the way to Maccas.”

7.     You believe it makes perfect sense for a nation to decorate its highways with large fibreglass bananas, pineapples, prawns and sheep.

8.     You think “Woolloomooloo” is a perfectly reasonable name for a place.

9.     You believe a hamburger tastes a whole lot better with beetroot.

10.   You believe that the more you shorten someone’s name the more you like them.

11.   Working at a bar, you understand male customers will feel the need to offer an excuse whenever they order low-alcohol beer.

12.   You find yourself ignorant of nearly all the facts deemed essential in the government’s new test for migrants.
13.   You know, whatever the tourist books say, that no one says “cobber”.
14.   You know that snow is a memorable and freakish occurrence. Sometimes it’s even fake.
15.   You know that there is a universal place called “woop woop” located in the middle of nowhere… no matter where you actually are.
16.   You know that none of us actually drink Fosters beer, because it tastes so bad. But we let the world think we do anyway because the joke’s on them.

17.   One word says it all: Skippy.
18.   If you’re a pedestrian and cars are stopped at a red light, you will fearlessly cross the street in front of them. ‘Hit and runs’ just aren’t cricket. Because Aussies stick together.

19.   You know that Americans think we’re all Steve Irwin clones. And crikey, they couldn’t be more wrong.

20.   You have the ability to compress several words into one - i.e. “g’day” and “d’reckn?” This allows more space for profanities.

21.   You’ve ever used the words - tops, ripper, sick, mad, rad, sweet - to mean good. And then you place “bloody” in front of it when you REALLY mean it.
22.   You know that the barbecue is a political arena; the person holding the tongs is always the boss and usually a man. And the women make the salad.
23.   You’ve sucked your tea/coffee/Milo through a Tim Tam and you call it a Tim Tam Bomb or a Tim Tam Slam.
24.   You have a story that somehow involves an excessive consumption of booze… but you can’t remember.
25.   You know that the value of a public holiday is measured in terms of alcohol. God bless the Queen and her 4-day birthday.

Are there any non-Australians who can translate what is said in number 6?

Happy Australia Day everyone! Even if you didn't listen to the other music clips, PLEASE listen to the last one. This song gives me shivers when I listen to it and I have even been known to shead a tear when I've felt homesick while travelling overseas and heard this song. I give you, my favourite Australian song - I Still Call Australia Home.

Until next time...

Hannah xx


  1. Hey Hannah; Are women still referred to as Sheilas and does Quantas still have the best no crash record?

  2. Hey Feather,
    I am aware that women are supposed to be called Sheilas here, but I've never actually heard it used in real life! Yes, as far as I am aware, Qantas is still the world's safest airline.
    H xx