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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Phoebe is a genius!!

I've been having a dilemma of late. A real splitting of my desires and I have found myself stuck. For those of you who haven't read my bio (or have just forgotten) I'm a social worker by day. I love social work and enjoy my job very much but also feel the desire to progress and develop in that craft. As such, I have been looking into post-grad study and have found a Masters Degree that appeals to me very much. It is a Masters in International Community Development. Which basically means I could live in amazing places all over the world and develop their communities.

I love traveling! I get on a plane as often as I can (usually 4 or 5 times a year) so the opportunity to work overseas is very appealing to me. However, the undertaking of post-grad study is a huge commitment and I already have a large time commitment - my novel. So, I've been feeling stuck. I don't have time to apply myself properly to study while writing a novel. Each deserves my full attention and I don't want to only put in half an effort on either.

It's like having two futures that I want. Do I want to be an author or do I want to further my social work career? And the answer for a long time was - I DON'T KNOW!! I WANT BOTH!

Then, I was re-watching an old episode of FRIENDS where Phoebe plays a game with Joey who is having trouble making a decision. Phoebe asked a series of non-related questions and Joey had to answer as quickly as he could. Do you all remember that episode? For those who don't know it, you can view the scene here -

So, I played along with Phoebe.

Which do you like better, peanut butter or egg whites? - Peanut Butter
Which would you rather be, a fireman or a swimmer? - A fireman
Who would you rather sleep with, Monica or Rachel? - Errm?? NEXT!
North route or south route? - **QUEUE CHIRPING BIRDS AND FIREWORKS** because......

What would I rather be, a social worker or a novelist? - A NOVELIST!

So, this makes me think that my heart wants to be a writer. But, my brain knows that not many writers become successful so it's considering the education route. Very interesting. I'm curious, have any of you had similar epiphanies or "aha moments" when something suddenly makes sense?

So, now the only question is, should I follow my head or my heart? All common sense says to take the sure thing and improve my education but I have always been someone who goes after what I want and wont stop until I get it, so I'm decided here and now, to be a novelist!

One last thing, don't forget the poll in the sidebar - there is only a couple of days left to vote and I would really apreciate the guidance and ideas. Thank you to those who have voted so far.

H xx


  1. I used a 3 pronged decision model my supervisor taught me:

    1) Logic. For this I write a pro/con list.
    2) Intuition. I toss a coin in the air...heads is one decision, tails is the other. When it's in the air, I ask "What do I secretly wish it will land on?" I think this is similar to Phoebe's game. I love Friends!
    3) Consultation. I talk to a few loved ones and others who have information for me to help make the decision. Ultimately the decision is mine but talking it through (like you're doing here) can help. Do you have author mentors and social work mentors to discuss the decision with?

  2. I'm a big beleiver that when you're following the right path, it'll feel right. Sounds like this feels right. ;) And deciding to focus on writing now doesn't rule out the possibility of furthering your social work education at a later point, so what've you got to lose?