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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Women Who Change The World

I'm still on track for NaNoWriMo. My novel hit over 60,000 words last night so it's well over half done. I can't believe it. After all that writer's block, a part of me had given up on this novel and then all of a sudden I pump out 30,000 words in only a week. It's a wriring miricle!!

What I wanted to write this blog post about was my Mum (or Mom for my American/Canadian readers). My Mum is a writer too. As a child, she gave me a love of books, a love of reading and I saw her creating wonderful children's stories. It was no wonder that when I was in high school I took up writing as a hobby; it was what I knew.

My Mum has been extremely supportive of my writing and was the first person to order a copy of my novel when it was released in April this year. She rang me proudly when she got her copy from the bookshop and couldn't believe she was holding it in her hand. She has read the first four chapters of my new novel and given me invaluable feedback on the charcaters and plot... not to mention rubbed my ego a little.

My Mum makes me able to be a writer. She gave me the passion as a child and now she gives me the support to keep going. She changed my world. So, imagine my surprise when a while ago she sent me a small gift in the way of a plaque entitled "Women Who Change The World". My Mum thinks that I have changed the world... whereas I see the opposite - it's all her.

Here is the plaque she sent me -

It was Mum's birthday yesterday. Unfortunetly I couldn't see her as I live on the other side of the country, but I did have a good, long conversation on the phone and have ordered her a very unique and special gift (which hasn't arrived yet!! Hurry up post man!)


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