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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm writing because I love it!

Happy December 1st. For many of you that will mean that the weather is getting cold but for me, in Australia, it is the begining of summer. And how did summer start for me? With a massive downpouring of rain that flooded my work carpark - just brilliant!

What the first of December also means is that NaNoWriMo is OVER!! For those of you who have been following me this past month you will have seen many updates about the progress of my writing. Just to recap for any people visiting my blog - NaNoWriMo is an international writer's challenge where you attempt to write 50,000 words during the month of November.

So, who wants to hear my stats??

Did I complete the challenge? YES!!
Date completed - Saturday 26th
Final Word count for the month - 68,519
Current word count on my new novel - 100,058

My thoughts on the challenge - I have to thank NaNoWriMo so much. As some of you will remember, I had major writer's block before I attemped this and hadn't written anything for over three months. I found the process of writing quantity over quality (which is the theory behind NaNo) to be very enlightening. My usual way of writing is to write a chapter and then edit it and edit it some more until I'm happy with it before moving on to the next chapter. While this keeps the quality of my writing high, it doesn't get the words out very fast. So, this month I had to write as many words as possible which didn't leave any editing time. I struggled with this at first but then I loved the freedom of just being able to write.

Four weeks ago I only had 30,000 words and was completely stuck. Today I have an almost completed draft which I can now spend as many weeks as I like editing - but the words are all there. It is a fantastic way to write and I think I will continue to write in this way from now on. I also found that by allowing myself to 'just write' without analysing as I went, it allowed me to be more creative and several amazing scenes were born that may not have occured to me otherwise.

I'm so excited about this new novel and I can't wait to start sharing it with you. I think I'm going to do some sneak peaks for my readers and will post quotes on my Facebook page as I edit. If you haven't already liked my page you can do so here - Hannah's Facebook Page

One other thing that I learned - I attended a "NaNo Write In" which is where a group of NaNo participants get together and write. I was really looking forward to getting to meet some other authors in my town and getting a good amount of words written. Things didn't turn out how I planned, but maybe they turned out better. We didn't get a lot of writing done but we did spend a lot of time talking. I was surprised to learn that about half of the other writers in attendance were using writing "methods" and analytical styles to write creativly. I had always thought that I was an organized writer. I have a chapter plan (or whole novel plan) and stick very close to it unless I have an ingenius idea that must be included. But, compared to these other writers, I was very unstructured. I'll be honest, it made me feel a bit like a fake. What kind of writer must I be if I'm just writing what comes into my head instead of spending hours researching writing before I even write a single word?

Eventually I decided that it didn't really matter. People seem to enjoy what I write and I like my writing process; I find it fun, which is why I do it. And at the end of the day - I'm writing because I love it. I'm not trying to be the world's greatest writer.

There are three other reasons why I'm excited for December. (1.) On December 2nd (tomorrow) I am flying to Sydney to go to an Eminem concert with my best friend. We are both VERY excited about this!! (2.) This month there will be an article/interview about me in Australian Cosmopolitan magazine. I will post on here once it goes on sale, so I hope you will all check it out. The interview was about how turning 30 years old (which happened 2 months ago) inspired me to be a writer. (3.) CHRISTMAS!!! I don't wish to push Christnmas down the throats of people who don't celebrate the holiday but I do celebrate it so I hope those who don't will not be offeneded when I write a Christmas post later in the month.

Well, this has been a huge post, so that's all from me for now. Please like my Facebook page because I put regular updates and thoughts on there and I love to talk with my readers. Feel free to post a comment on my wall.

Also - have you read my novel, Pieces of Us? Did you like/love it? Why not get a friend/family member their own copy as a gift in the coming holiday season? I am more than happy to sign free bookplates (authographed stcikers that you can put inside the cover of your book so it is an autographed copy) or I can also sign ebooks via the "Kindlegraph" website. If you are interested in a signed bookplate, please use the contact form at the top of this page.

Happy December, everyone!!

Hannah xx


  1. Happy December, Hannah, and congratulations on your HUGE Nano success! That's great that it was able to open you up and show you an effective way to write that work for you.

    Regarding the other local writers, there's nothing wrong w/ honing your craft, but I think some writers over-research and end up psyching themselves out more than anything. You're making great progress on a story you love, so others are sure too as well.

  2. Hannah, congratulations on your successes! 60K+ words in one month is amazing. I've never tried NaNoWriMo--I'm like you where I tend to edit as I go--and that sounds inspiring.

    Like Nicki, I think you should stick to your guns in terms of your personal writing style. I attended a local Romance Writers of America meeting (before I found Omnific) and it was amazing how few writers had actually finished their manuscripts. It takes a special ability to finish a novel and then get it published, so whatever you're doing is working!

    Have a great time in Sydney at the Eminem concert.

  3. Wow, you did wonderful with NaNoWriMo! 60k+ in a month, very impressive. I'll be watching FB for your quotes.

    To echo Jennifer, have a great time at the concert!