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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo

Friends, I live in Australia and we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here so today is just another work day for me. However, I would like to wish all my American readers and followers a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all have wonderful, HUGE, turkey dinners and spend some quality time with your families.

Writing Update -

I've slowed down in my writing a little bit. A certain movie came out last week *cough* Twilight *cough* and so I have been a little bit distracted. I have watched the movie several times and have been inspired to reread the books. I know a lot of people LOVE the Twilight series and a lot of people HATE it. I happen to be someone who loves it. I'm not deluded and blinded by obsession to think it's the most amazing series ever, I can see flaws and there are things I might have written differently, but all in all, I'm a Twilight fan. I love the romance; the old style, true romance and devotion of the characters. I swoon at the love-triangle and am a sucker for both Edward and Jacob. I guess you could say I'm Team Switzerland.

So, while my love for sparkley vampires and teen wolves is strong, unfortunetly, my writing has taken a back seat. I wish I had the ability to read and write at the same time, but unfortunetly I don't. I have been writing a little bit (about 5000 words this week) but certainly not as much as I was. This has put a real kink in my NaNoWriMo persuits but I plan to stop reading this weekend and write my heart out. I'm only 6000 words off finishing the challenge and I know I can get there before the end of the month.

So, while you all enjoy your turkey dinners and family time, I will be trying to decide between Edward and Jacob - WHY CAN'T SHE HAVE BOTH??

Until next time...

Hannah xx

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