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Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm writing again!! I can barely believe it but my writer's block has been broken! Success!

I went to the movies last night to see Midnight in Paris, which is about a man who is a writer and it inspired me.

Since watching the movie 20 hours ago I have written over 7000 words on my novel! The words are flowing and I'm enjoying watching the plot develop.

I've reached a standstill though and I could use your help! I have a character which I'm about to introduce and I can't think of the perfect name for him. It needs to be a male name, old fashioned, English. Any suggestions are welcome.

At the moment I'm considering Andrew, Jack, Wesley and Julian. Any comments on those names?

Thanks for your help everyone! As a little incentive, I'll name another character after the person who gives the name that I choose. You could be in my next novel!

Hannah xx


  1. I like Julian :) ooh, what about Tobias?

  2. Swales is a good old fashioned English male name. I do also like Wesley though - it conjures up two faced morals and religious biggotry. I guess without knowing your plot, we just have to throw names at you: Swales.

  3. Congrats on beating writer's block

    How about William?