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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remaking classics or just no new ideas?


This is just going to be a quick update. I'm trying my best to post to this blog weekly but I don't always have news. However, one thing I wanted to talk about today was all the remakes that seem to be happening lately.

I know that the Smurfs movie has recently come out and they have also made a remake of Footloose and I've heard there is talks of redoing Dirty Dancing. I'm curious what you all think of this trend... is Hollywood running out of new material or do these stories really need to be retold?

I'm all for honoring a classic movie or story and I agree that Dirty Dancing was an iconic part of our culture but will a remake do it justice or is it just a way to make money? I'd really love to hear some of your opinions on this as I'm not really sure what my view is.

I've heard several people saying that Hollywood has run out of movie ideas and that all movies are genereically similar nowdays, but I don't know if that's true. Look at all the novels out there; you can walk into any bookstore and find thousands of unique stories.

I would consider the possibility of having Pieces of Us turned into a movie if I were approached for such a purpose and I'm sure the majority of authors would also be willing. I know that there are some books that are now being turned into movies - Nicholas Sparks' books have been very successful as films.

Personally, I think I would like to see more novels turned into films, which might encourage people to buy the book and get people reading again, than to remake already classic movies. That's just my opinion of course.

Apart from that little conundrum floating around in my head, at the end of this month I'm going to be having several wonderful authors stop by and do some guest posts on their experience of turning 30. I will put up one author post a day for the week leading up to my 30th birthday. So, I hope you'll come back and support these wonderful author friends of mine.

On a personal note... my car is still playing up and the mechanic doesn't know what's wrong with it, but apart from that I can honestly say that I'm happy. Life is good right now.

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Untill next time...

Hannah xx


  1. It would sure be a dream to have your book turned into a movie, wouldn't it? I think it's sad Hollywood does so many remakes when there are fantastic stories that have never hit the screen before. But I guess it's all about money and risk.

  2. I agree with you about the remakes. What's the point of redoing iconic movies like Dirty Dancing and Footloose? It's not like they're going to improve them. Honestly, does Hollywood have NO imagination at all? But I guess they wouldn't do it if they didn't think it would make money, which is the part I REALLY don't get---why do people pay to see pointless remakes? I generally boycott 'em.

    P.S. Since you're dealing w/ a major time lag w/ the blog bounce, I have an idea---you could pre-schedule your post to go up Thurs. morning U.S. time w/ a link to the Omni blog, and then when I go in to link my blog to the hop, I could add yours too. I'd be happy to do it.

  3. I am so with you on wanting to see more books made into movies. I think some of my favorite movies are novels. Practical Magic and Serendipity come to mind. Oh, and the Notebook (watched with a box of tissues close by).

    @Nicki, I boycott them too. I think a lot of them have bombed at the theater.