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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nicki Elson - Guest Post

Everyone please welcome the first of my wonderful guest posters for my birthday blogastravaganza - Nicki Elson!! *round of applause*

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Happy last of your 20’s, Hannah! Don’t worry, moving onto the next decade doesn’t hurt…neither does the next one. ;)

A little while back, Hannah asked about maturity and how it affected writing. At first I thought that didn’t apply to me, since I didn’t even start writing fiction until the year I turned 40. But then I realized the effect of maturity on writing might apply to me more than anyone.

You see, I’ve always had stories playing in my head—it starts with a particular scene, and then I begin to wonder how the characters got there…and what happens to them afterward…and before I realize what’s happening, an entire plotline’s swimming in my head. But I’ve also always been a practical kind of girl, and hours spent writing weren’t going to pay the bills or get the kids off to school or complete a million other necessities. So I told myself there wasn’t time and it was silly and no one would understand so just forget about it.

Then I turned 40.

I don’t think the plotline bugging me then was any more profound than any of the others I’ve ever dreamed up, but this time I gave in to the urge to write it down. The initial throes of writing were impulse, but the continuation of it, and the completion of that story and moving onto the next, I blame on maturity. Because as I got older, I gradually learned to care less about what others thought I should be doing and more about obeying my internal call. Something was telling me to write and I followed that. Whenever my logical side poked at me and told me it was ridiculous, something else poked back, and I finally had the self confidence to continue on with my passion.

Another thing about maturity that helped me with this writing gig was experience. I hadn’t written fiction before, but the written word had always been an important part of my career in investment consulting. In preparing quarterly investment reports, I had to translate data into something meaningful for my clients, so I was trained to examine my writing from the readers’ point of view. That perspective has been invaluable to me as I edit my stories.

But go figure, as I sit atop all this wonderful maturity, my first published novel is set back in the 80s and is a total throwback to my college days. Hmm, guess I don’t need to study Freud to know what that means. Hannah, you’ll always have the treasured memories of your 20s, and don’t ever let them go! But you’re in for a whole bunch more fun in your 30s and so on and so on. Happy Birthday!

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Thanks so much Nicki for your wise words of wisdom.

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  1. 'Morning from this side of the world! I'm so excited that I get to kick off the big b-day celebration and look forward to the rest of the countdown. Thanks for having me over. ;)

  2. I've always written short stories but it wasn't until my mid-30's that I tore into full length novels. Guess mine were looking back, too. LOL

  3. I love the cover. The shoes are excellent. And I like that you use all those precious memories in your 20's in your writing.

  4. Nicki, totally agree about the caring less about what others think as we age thing. What freedom! And that's awesome aging allowed you to find your inner voice better, particularly your inner writer voice. You probably needed to be 40 in order to have the proper distance and life experience to reflect on your college ways in such a humorous and wistful way!

  5. Maturity helps! I had to completely rewrite my first book and a few years of experience made all the difference. Not caring helped as well.

  6. Hi, Hanna,

    Happy Birthday... early ... This is an exciting time in your life. Turning 30 might freak you out at first, (I went INSANE.LOL) but then you ease into it. Your life experience in your 20's will be the strong base for the rest of your life. My 20's were an amazing time in my life. I traveled the world, meet amazing people, and did so many incredible things. Now I have all of that to draw from and include in my writing.

    In your 30's life forces you to be responsible, however, don't let it stifle your spirit and imagination. Go with the flow and grow from each amazing new experience.

    Enjoy the simple pleasures. Keep friends and family close, for they will always be there for you.

    I am excited for you now entering into new decade of you life. I did as well and it has changed my life already.

  7. Funny how getting older helps us to care less about what others think. It's so fun to learn more about you, Nicki.

    Hanna, love your guest posts!

  8. getting old is hard on a body! i'm falling apart! i keep thinking i better hurry up and get published before i keel over! (i'm not close, but what if i get cancer! yes, i can be a worry wart!)

  9. oh, sorry. happy birthday and forget what i said... =)

  10. Tara - don't worry! Just take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, and get your rest. Don't forget to take your teeth out at night though, haha.

    Cherie, Michael, Alex, and Jen, so happy you agree w/ me on the caring less thing. So freeing. :)

    Thanks, Angela. :D

    Haha, yes, I guess you did some looking back too, L. Diane.

    Thank you all for stopping by, and thank YOU Hannah for having me over. Tick-tock, big day's getting closer. Hope you've got fun plans!

  11. Happy 30, Hannah! Oh, to be thirty again :-) I absolutely loved my 30s!!! But it was fun going back in time with Nicki's book to my college days of the 80s, too :-) Thanks for that, Nicki.

  12. I loved this post Nicki and I feel encouraged it is never too late. LOL

  13. Hi Nicki: Happy Birthday Hannah. Don't sweat the '30' number. In fact, I'd live my 30's again over any other decade. I had the energy, confidence, and accomplished more in that decade than any other time. I matured physically, late bloomer and all that (though I'm a life long member of the IBT club. But now that I'm in my 60's and retired, I am free, baby. Free! You have so much to look forward to. Feather