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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guest Post - Trisha Wolfe - Monday 3rd October

My birthday is getting closer and my blogastrvaganza is starting to wind down... but don't leave just yet, we still have two more amazing guest authors that you won't want to miss.

Today, I welcome Trisha Wolfe to my blog... Take it away Trisha...


Happy mega-birthday to Hannah! Welcome to the Old Chicks Club. Just kidding! But really, welcome. Thirty, I can honestly say, is not the end of the world. When I was in my late twenties, I thought I was going to shrivel up from loss of estrogen and live off of chocolate.
Well, the chocolate part is true. But after the big day, so many awesome things happened; I didn’t have time to worry about getting (being) old.
At age twenty-nine, I kind of flipped out in a massive panic attack and ran around the house one day shouting that I didn’t fulfill my dream of being a published author. So I sat down at my itty-bitty netbook and started banging at the keys.
A few months later, I had my very first completed piece of crap. Worthy of backyard burial. The only person who read my first novel was my mom. Because she loves me, she told me how amazing it was. And after fifty-something agents rejected it, I knew she must REALLY love me to have read the whole book.
I took a break and invested in many writing how-to books. Some were worth it, others a big waste of time. I started reading more than ever. Instead of one book every couple of weeks, I bumped it up to around five a week. Yeah, I was that obsessed. Remember the getting old part? I had to do this before I hit thirty and died.
After my second novel, and turning the dreaded age, things slowed down and I just began to enjoy reading and writing. Then, an amazing discovery happened at the age of thirty-one. Twitter. (Queue the angels). I met my critique partners, and that’s when things really came together. They have taught me so much more than anything I could have learned from a book, or even from reading ten books a week. Not that reading isn’t important. I STRESS you must devour everything in your genre before you even put pen to paper, or, fingers to keys.
And now, at the age of thirty-two, I will see my debut novel hit the proverbial shelf. This could have never happened to me in my twenties. I was an idiot back then. Only through life experience and the deadline to accomplish dreams, was I able to see it happen. And, find the amazing people to help make it happen.
Happy Birthday, Hannah! And congrats on your book sale! Don’t fear the Reaper . . . Live it up!

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Thanks so much for coming by and guest blogging for me, Trisha. I completely relate to how you were feeling when you were 29 because I'm feeling it right now. I am desperately, almost panicked, trying to sort out my life and plan my future.

Tomorrow will be the guest final post before my birthday and we havea special treat! My very special friend and author of The Light Series - Jennifer DeLucy! Make sure you come back tomorrow because I've pre-read Jennifer's post and it's a steamy one!!


  1. Hilarious post, Trisha! Our mothers do love us, don't they? So happy for you to reach your dream of being a published author!

  2. Well, Trisha, it didn't take you very long once setting the goal to accomplish it. The internet and all the possibilities it opens up are truly amazing. Add that to maturity and it's the perfect blend. ;)

    looking forward to Ms. DeLucy's naughtiness tomorrow...and then the BIG day!

  3. Happy Bday wishes, Hannah! Thanks for having me on your fantastic blog =D And thanks, guys! Trying to keep smiling LOL