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Monday, July 18, 2011

Author Extravaganza and Set Backs

The fantastic romance novelist, Lisa Sanchez, has asked me to be a part of her Author Extravaganza so I have guest post on her blog and I am giving away a copy of my novel, Pieces of Us, to one lucky person who comments on the post, so hurry over and leave your mark on her page and you may win my book. There are a whole list of other great authors participating so if you feel inclined, check them out as well!!

Well, I've had a bit of a setback this week in regards to my new novel. You all know that I had written four chapters already, well I decided that before I wrote anymore I would edit and polish up what was already written to make sure that the characters were developing properly and that the plot points were all in place. So, I have spent the past two weeks polishing almost 100 pages of writing and I had also written about ten pages of chapter five when my computer got a virus and the tech-guy had to wipe my hard drive. *sigh* So, I still have that original four chapters that I'd written (because they were saved on my external harddrive) but all the editing and the start of chapter five are gone. I have tried a few times to get back into it but it is too depressing right now. I've decided to take a week off and really think about everything that I had changed so that when I go back and redo it, I do it right.

In exciting news, I was interviewed for the local newspaper last week and the article should be in tomorrow's paper. If I can scan it, I will post it here for you all to read. It was a strange experience to be interviewed and then have a photographer come to my home and photograph me, but it was exciting. I will say though, that I don't know how celebrities do it all day, every day.

On a personal note, my car has been at the mechanics for over 2 weeks. I am extremely unimpressed with this as the car is only five years old and has been serviced regularly. The mechanic can't even tell me what's wrong with it or why it wont start. So, I've been very grateful to my friends and work colleages for driving me around but it is still frustrating not to be able to pop out to the shops or to have to plan everything I need to do on an outting so I don't forget everything. I'm hoping to get the car back today so  please all keep your fingers crossed for me.

The countdown to my birthday is growing closer and it is going to be a big one. I will be 30! My original plan (since I was a teenager) was to be in Paris on my 30th birthday, but life doesn't always turn out the way you plan it to and that isn't a possibility. Then, earlier this year I thought maybe a few weeks in Vietnam or Bali would be nice - relax on a  tropical beach somewhere and enjoy my maturity. But, I haven't been home to visit my family for over a year so I finally decided that I would go home to Perth, Western Australia, for some family time. But, with my car at the mechanics and the monstorous bill that keeps growing every day, I have a feeling that all my savings will go on that. So, I may be stuck at home for the big day. I'm not too upset about it though. I have wonderful friends and I'm sure I will find something fun to do. But, it would have been nice to be somwhere exotic.

Until next time...

Hannah xx

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that about your lost work. I use drop box. Once it's installed on you computer it's a folder and it syncs when you are online so anything happens to my laptop the latest version is always there. I also email to myself regularly. I had an issue last year my laptop died and my external drive died the same week.