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Monday, July 4, 2011

Anthology Release and Old Friends

The Summer Lovin' Anthology is officially on sale and you can buy it - HERE! 

I wrote in my previous few posts that this anthology was coming up so I hope some of you are interested in buying it because the money is going to a great cause and you'll get some fantastic stories to read as well! Here is a small blurb -

What’s better than lying on the beach with a great story to read? How about lying on the beach with seven great stories to read? Whether you're going to the beach or you just wish you were, Omnific Publishing's Summer Lovin' Anthology is a compilation of romantic short stories that will whisk you away on a sweet escape. 
Sweeten up your summer reading and contribute to a great cause at the same time. Omnific Publishing has partnered with the Save the Ta-tas Foundation and all proceeds will be donated to the charitable organization. Read the romance and do your part to Save the Ta-tas! 
This collection of sweet summer romances brings together seven of Omnific Publishing’s authors for some “breezy” romantic reading. In just one book, you can find Carol Oates’ Irish mythical storytelling, Jennifer Lane’s sassy swimmer, and Hannah Downing’s second chance at first love. While Nicki Elson spins a beautiful tale of remembered love, Killian McRae employs a modern twist with her technology-based romance, and Sarah Glover tells the story of best friends’ summer discovery. Rounded out with Susan Kaye Quinn’s glimpse into the next chapter of her Life, Liberty and Pursuit gang, this anthology offers something for everyone to get lost in this summer.

 In other news, I had a wonderful message from an old friend. A guy I went to high school with, Ricky, sent me a message through Facebook last week and it blew my mind. I graduated in 1998, have moved across the country and not really spoken to anyone from that part of my life in years (sadly, as I had some wonderful friends!!) and this message came to me out of the blue.
Ricky had bought several of my novels and handed them out to a group of other people that we went to school with and sent me photos as proof. It warmed my heart to know that people from that chapter of my life not only still think of me, but are supportive of my author aspirations.
So, THANK YOU, Ricky. I spend a lot of my time trying to move on from the past and focus on the future but you have reminded me that the past can hold some very special things and wonderful people.

On a personal note, I had a mini midlife crisis this week. It has really sunk in that I will be turning thirty in just three months and my life really isn't where I would want to be by that age. So, I spent a few days sulking (as all women are entitled to do) and then pulled myself into gear and wrote out a five year plan for myself. It won't change the fact that I'm almost thirty and haven't done many of the things I wish I had, but it has given me some direction and made me feel like I'm moving forward. I'm feeling a bit stuck right now, but I just have to keep working away and remember my end goal.

In other news, my Glee obsession has not slowed. In fact, it might have increased. I bought Mark Salling's album and have been listening to his singing relentlessly. (Mark plays Noah "Puck" Puckerman on Glee) His album, Pipe Dreams, can be bought from iTunes or Amazon and is just beautiful!! I love every song on the album (which is rare for me, I usually have one or two favorites and ignore the rest of the songs) and love the Indy/Rock/Country feel to his music. Mark's website is - and I HIGHLY recomend it!!

Until next time...
Hannah xx

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  1. I love Puck's voice. Might have to look at that album too. :)

    Love your work so far and look forward to reading more in the future.