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Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet an Author Monday

Welcome to all the new bloggers!! This is my first time participatig in Lisa Sanchez's Meet an Author Monday Blog-hop and I'm so excited. For any of my regular readers who don't know who Lisa is, she is the author of several wonderful novels and a friend of mine. I will be doing a guest post on her website next month, so stay tuned for that!! You can visit her website here -

So, seeing as this is my FIRST entry in "meet an author" I suppose I should let you meet me and get to know me a little. Please feel free to explore my website and read about me and my novel. But, here's a little summary -

I'm a 29 year old social worker, currently working in mental health, who lives in Cairns, Australia. For those of you who know where Cairns is - lucky you!! For those of you who don't know then you are about to be educated. (I hope you have a good travel agent because you are all going to want to come here!!)

Cairns is on the north east coast of Australia and is the best place to go if you want to see the rain forrest, or, the Great Barrier Reef. We have several islands just a few minutes of our coast that are just picturesque and stunning. The weather is warm most of the year (I think I need a jacket 4 days out of the whole year) and we are boardered on one side with the ocean (and reef) and the other side by mountains covered in rainforrests. I think it's the best place in the whole world.

Cairns has a population of about 150,000 locals, so it's quite small, but we can have up to a million people here at any time if you count all the tourists. Cairns is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Australia and the only regional city to have an international airport.

Ok, now for some pictures so you can all start packing for your vaccations!!

I hope to see you all in Cairns over the coming months *wink*

Onto my writing news... things are progressing well with the new novel. I have 4 chapters written and am really happy with it so far. My pre-readers have all been giving me fantastic feedback and have enriched the story with their ideas already. I hope you all enjoyed the two teasers I gave last week. More teasers will come as I keep writing.

On a personal note, I have recently (this past weekend) become obsessed with GLEE. I know, I know I'm slow on the uptake, but I don't watch a lot of TV so I never really got into it before. When I was at San Diego Comic Con last year (yes I am a proud nerd) I saw the Glee Panel and enjoyed it, so I made the decision to get the DVDs when I got home. Well, it took me almost a year to finally do it, but I watched the whole first season over the weekend (Yes, there is a Hannah shaped dent in my couch cushions now) and LOVED it!! So, now I'm on the hunt for the Season 2 DVDs... I don't even know if they have been released yet, but I hope they have!!

Well, that's all from me this time. I'm going to keep writing and searching for the Glee DVDs and I hope you will all keep reading. There are so many amazing books out there, so get on it and see how many you can read this year!!

Until next time...

Hannah xx


  1. Your blog is beautiful! And then you have to go and top it with those extreeeemly tempting pictures of Cairns! How do you ever get anything productive done? I'd be starting at the scenery all day long.

    Welcome to the blog hop. I hope you make this a habbit. ;)

  2. Hi Hannah,
    Great to have you on the hop and I love your blog colors. *jaw drops* Those photos are stunning! Are you a clinical social worker doing therapy? If so, I'd like to know what in the heck the residents have to be depressed about. I'd NEVER need counseling if I lived there! ;)

    I've only seen a few minutes of Glee and loved it. Someday I'll have to sit down with the DVDs and do a Glee binge like you did.

  3. Hi Nicki and Jenn, thanks so much for stopping by. Unfortunately I have become desensitized to the beauty around me because I see it every day, but every now and then I am thankful.

    Jenn, I think you should watch Glee! I wasn't so sure about it at first but I was won over in the very first episode and the season 1 finale had me weeping like a baby.

  4. Cairns looks gorgeous, wow. So glad that you're enjoying Glee. Sue knocks me out.