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Monday, April 4, 2011

Release TOMORROW and the Crystal Pen!!!

Well, my friends, the big day is almost upon us. My novel is released tomorrow and I will admit to you all that I am freaking out a bit - in a good way. Just thinking about it right now has my heart beating a hundred beats per second.

And just my luck, I won't be able to be online at release time to Tweet/Facebook/Blog the link as I have a work conference to attend (that I have spent the past 5 months planning) and I can't miss it. So, as soon as that finishes, I will run to my computer (pushing people out of my way) and make sure to post the links so that those people who are interested in buying can do so!!

As of right now, the novel will be released in 21.5 hours... I will be a published author in just 21.5 hours - it's a little hard to wrap my head around. I did some shopping yesterday for a friend of mine's upcoming birthday and while I was at the jeweler (yes, I bought her jewelry - it's good to be friends with me hahaha) I saw these beautiful Swarovski pens.

I stood for ages looking at the pens and debating how much I wanted one because they were so lovely. After some heated arguments inside my own head about whether I could justify spending the amount of money required on a pen, my materialistic side won out and in celebration of my book being released I decided to treat myself to the pen. This was my rationalization - I am a writer, and every writer needs a pen to write with (my logic failed to acknowledge that I type on a laptop, not actually write with a pen) - and so the pen became mine.

What IS a Swarovski pen, you might be asking yourself... well, it's a normal pen, with the Swarovski brand stamped into the side and the body of the pen is made of glass and filled with Swarovski crystals. They come in a variety of colors, but I chose purple to match the cover of Pieces of Us. See below for a photo of the pen...


The pen is lovely, no? The photo doesn't really do it justice (as is usually the case with photos) but I love it!!

In other news, I have written a short story for my publisher which will be included (barring any terrible writing on my part) in a new charity compilation that Omnific Publishing will be selling in a few months, I'll give more details as I have them. Also, I finished the chapter plans and story summary for the first book in the new urban fantasy series that I am creating. This excites me very much and has been quite a different writing process for me.
With Pieces of Us, the story was just inside me and I had to write it, I couldn't stop thinking about it until I had it out on paper. There wasn't really any planning of key plot twists or character arcs as the story was already fully formed in my mind when I went to start writing it. With these new books that I am working on, the ideas have come to me easily but piecing them all into a full story is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle.

I know what I want to happen and I know who the characters are, but seeing it all unfold on the paper as I write is very exciting for me - it's kind of like the story is telling itself and using me a conduit to get it out. I'm very excited about this new series and I can only pray that a publisher will be interested in them so I can share the story with the world.

I am now heading off to have dinner with some friends and try and relax/stay calm (read: not freak out) before the big day tomorrow!!

Check back in 24 hours for the links of where you can purchase Pieces of Us!!


  1. You are totally write!(see what I did there? ;-) ) A writer does need a good pen. I write with a good quality parker pen. Although you write on a laptop there will be all those times when an idea comes to you in moments you don't have a laptop handy. I carry a notebook everywhere with me. It's completely justified. haha. Good luck tonight.